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Shimmers and flakes

-Rose pink flakes (1)

-Teal blue flakes (2)

-Gold flakes (3)

-Silver flakes (4)

-Rose gold flakes (5)

-Shimmer/pearlecent shimmer(6)

-Opal flakes (7)

-Purple flakes (8)

-Blush pink flakes (9)

-Dark blue flakes (10)

-Primrose pink flakes (11)

-Sea Green flakes (12)

-Ocean blue flakes (13)

-Fire opal flakes (14)

-Rainbow opal flakes (15)

Please add in the note to seller in checkout how you would like your inclusion(s) to look






-Wedding dress

-Lock of hair

-Umbilical cord



-Mermaid glitter (16)

-Rose gold opal flakes (17)

-Plain (nothing added)

-Full color stone (please specify color in note to seller at checkout)

All flakes and shimmers are free with your order!

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