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 Welcome to Milk Mama Creations where we specalize in DNA Keepsake Jewelry/ Art from your precious inclusions such as breastmilk, cremation from a loved one (both human and pet ashes), umbilical cord stump, placenta, lock of hair or fur, flowers, fabric and much more! We handcraft each peiece special for you to cherish and hold close to your heart! We ship worldwide and we look forward to creating your one of kind keepsake piece, Thankyou for trusting Milk Mama Creations as your DNA keepsake artist.

Milk Mama Creations was created shortly after I stopped breastfeeding my daughter. I breastfed my daughter, Hadley for a year and a half. Shortly after I stopped I felt emotional because of the inseparable bond my daughter and I had shared throughout breastfeeding. After looking back at my breastfeeding experience I realized I wanted to create something that was meaningful to breastfeeding mothers and would be an amazing keepsake to look back on such a memorable time and bond between a mother and child. Our main goal with Milk Mama Creations is customer satisfaction

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