This ring comes in solid sterling silver or rose gold plated with simulated diamonds!

The inclusion stone is 8mm.

Can be filled with any inclusion (s)!


 * Plated jewelry can wear off easily if not cared for properly, if this is a concern i would suggest going with the sterling silver option or solid gold!*

Infinity Square Cut Ring

$200.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price
Ring Size
Are you adding any keepsakes?

    If you are not sending inclusions to be added the turn around time will be 3-5 weeks! (DELAYS MAY OCCUR)

    If you are sending in inclusion(s) to be added the turn arround time will be 6-12 weeks! (DELAYS MAY OCCUR, ESPECIALLY AROUND HOLIDAYS)

    Please be sure to specify in the comments, If nothing is specified we will assume you are sending something in to be added to your piece.


    We do not suggest sending the last of your inclusions in case of issues with postal service. For breastmilk, if you would like the rest of your milk sent back please add in note to seller. After 2 weeks of your order being shipped out, your milk will be disregarded, unless stated by customer to hold on to milk for future orders. 

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